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I have a error in the high scorer name

1)when i run the game I wrote a name but at last it is showing in the label that it is undefined  and in the high core it is always showing 0, for the your score it is showing 0 too but i wrote the whole code same as shown in the video.

Pls solve my problem.

1 person has this problem

I am also suffering from same problem .please help me out even my code is totally fine

Can you share the screenshot of the App screen which displays High score in high scorer name

Yes I have . It's the same as "hsr_name" label in my code.

Hi ,did you check in App design ??

I have checked many times

Hi can you check whether you have given correct label names

In my game the value of high score is displayed in the high scorer name label. Dont know what to do please help.
My code is totally fine. Please check and tell if anybody can help. I am not able to solve it since 6!!

Also check the name you have entered in both commands  

You had written different names

1. Whenever message start_the_timer is received 

 set key high_scorer_name_key in the cloud key value store to player_name

& 2. Whenever show_final_score board is received

Show get value for key high_score_name_key from the cloud key store on hs_name_value_label

Kindly recheck the codes & also names


Can you this code again.. You have put lives < 0... You put lives = 0 & check again


my code

this is my code

Hi sir/ma'am

Please help me i am facing the same problem .

i have checked the codes again and again 5 times .

but still it is the same.

please help me.

Hi you can check the clicker game  project which has been updated in Community section

Project name : webinar 19 may completed


Kindly check you codes again by checking with respect to the above project

i am having the exact same problem and i have checked all the steps and codes carefully again and again but i couldnt figure it out. pls help

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