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Issue in working of buttons

Hello there! I am having an issue in one of my buttons. i am making a clicker game and i have personalized it to be with suns but whenever i click the sun button it moves to a new location but expands. I tried all that i could do but it isn't fixing. Pls help.


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Please share screenshot of the code.

I have a same problem in button but i want that if button is clicked it should go to appscreen_2 but it is not going plz help 

these are the codes please look into this


In the code for moving the sun button, you have inadvertently coded for the 'width' property instead of the 'top' property, that is why it is increasing in the width. Please click on the drop down and change the property to 'top', as both the left and the top properties determine the position of the app element on the app screen.


i am facing a problem in the working of the buttons. I had made a code  for moving the strawberry and it is not moving. please help me 


Hi Prabha, in the code for the strawberry button please select the app element name used for the strawberry button instead of strawberry_Image as you are accidentally changing the top and left properties of  strawberry_Image instead of the strawberry_Button.Hope this helps!!


i tried to add that but it is not showing that option only.

Please scroll down(by using the scroll wheel of the mouse or just click anyone app element and then click on the down key of the keyboard you will be able to go through the list) and you will be able to see the app element name you used for the strawberry button then just click it. 

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