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not able to get badge of course 1

 Hello , I am not able to get my badge of course 1 and i have completed till course 3 .

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Hi, the same is happening with me I have started my course 3 but still not got a badge for the first course also.

Hi,please check whether you have completed all the modules of the course.

yes, I have. should I send a screenshot of the same?

Dear Plezmo Support,

I have completed all the six modules but I could not get may badge. Moreover I did not get the link of the app developed to my registered E-mail address. Kindly help.

Best regards.


Hi can you retry it again or try logging in from incognito window.

I have got the app link but I could not get the last two badges. yes the mails were in the spam.

Tried all your ways. But was not helpful.

Please try to refresh the page and wait for it to load completely or try to open the page in an incognito window.

Hi I am facing the same problem even if I try on phone or laptop . My brother also has an account and is unable to get any badges

i have finished all the courses but still two badges i have not received

It is 100% complete of all courses. Other badges and certifcated I have received except these two

Hi. please clear browser cache and refresh the "my account page".


Please try to login through an incognito window or try to clear browser cache and refresh the page. Please let us know if it gets solved.

thanks my probloem is solved

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