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badges are not coming

i cant see my badges in my badges section even after completing 2 of the courses.... why??

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Hi can you retry it again or try logging in from incognito window

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I have completed 3 course but my badges are not coming .

Please make sure you have completed all the modules and scored in each of the quizzes marks more than 80.

I have completed course 3 with all quizzes but did not get badge for it

i have completed my course 1 but not able to get my first badge

i have completed the second course as well but didnt earn any badge

I could not get the badge even though I completed course 2

I only got class 1 completion course whereas i have completed 3 courses 

i have not got any course badge even after completing 4 courses

Why so? 

Please help

Its urgent 

Dear sir/ma'am

i have completed 2 courses but am not able to see my badges. it shows 100 % but does not show the badges. Please do look into the matter.

I hope that the concerned authorities would look into the matter. 

Thank you

Dear sir/ma'am 

I have received the badge for completing the second course but not for the firs one. I would be highly obliged if the concerned authorities will look into the matter.

Thank you

Hi, clear browser cache and refresh the "My account page".

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Yes , my problem is solved!!!
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