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Error in receiving data from Cloud Key Value Store (Plezmo App)


I’m trying to complete my free courses available at , and while I was simulating my survey app in Plezmo application, an error occurred ‘Received Error: Failed to get value of key from Cloud Key Value Store, key: teacher/arch/law_key’.


Although I have checked my whole code, and it was correct, but the same error is occurring every time I try to simulate my app.


Secondly, as I am simulating my app, I cannot click a button again after restarting the simulation. I have to restart Plezmo application every time I want to simulate my app.


Looking into the issues, I request the team to please guide me in fixing the above-mentioned problems as soon as possible. I would be incredibly grateful.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully

Yajat Gupta

Member (Student) of ATL

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Can you please use key names that have only alphanumeric and - and _? The slashes (/) may be causing this issue.

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Should I also change the variable names?

Hey, it worked for me, thanks!

Yes, please change variable names also to have only alphanumeric and - and _. Variable name cannot start with a number.

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Yes, you're right, thank you so much!
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