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Not able to access my first course .

Dear Plezmo Team

I'm Not Able To Take Any Plezmo Course Even After I Registered & Log In My Account . 

When I Got Enroll The First Course Its Directly Going To My Profile . 

And Its Showing Me - " Login To Enroll " First . WHY ?  

Kindly Help Me ?

Aman Sharma

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Hello Sir, 

I am not able to take the first course, I have tried many times but still the problem is going on.

Anvendram Jha 

And If You Have Any Other Query ( Problems ) , You Can Definitely Mail Me . 


I Will Be Happy To Help You . 

Thanks & Regards 

Aman Sharma

Dear Ritika ,


Do Not Be Disappointed . Be Patience .


And Reloading Your Page In Same Browser Otherwise You Could Also Try To Logging In Another Browser . 


& Please  Wait A Little Bit For Few Hours ,

& You Should Wait At Least Tomorrow Morning , And Log In Your Account In Plezmo - After That  Your First Course Will Be Start .

Thank You ,

Happy Learning ,



same problem is going on with me...i am not able to take first course.

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Waiting should not be required. Can you please try it in an incognito window?

what is the point in waiting for few hours? I dont see any sense in waiting? Does it take hours to download the course to the server or PC?

Thank You So Much Prashant & Kiren .

Today Morning , I Am Taking The First Course Without Clearing Cache And Without Changing Any Browsers .

Just Wait A Little Bit For Few Hours After That  Your First Course Will Be Start . 


I have the same problem....tried clearing cache and also tried on Edge, Opera and the issue still persists. Seems there is an issue with the website or authentication

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Please try to clear browser cache. You could also try using another browser.

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