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Not able to access my first course .

Dear Plezmo Team

I'm Not Able To Take Any Plezmo Course Even After I Registered & Log In My Account . 

When I Got Enroll The First Course Its Directly Going To My Profile . 

And Its Showing Me - " Login To Enroll " First . WHY ?  

Kindly Help Me ?

Aman Sharma

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Please try to clear browser cache. You could also try using another browser.

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I have the same problem....tried clearing cache and also tried on Edge, Opera and the issue still persists. Seems there is an issue with the website or authentication

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same problem is going on with me...i am not able to take first course.

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Thank You So Much Prashant & Kiren .

Today Morning , I Am Taking The First Course Without Clearing Cache And Without Changing Any Browsers .

Just Wait A Little Bit For Few Hours After That  Your First Course Will Be Start . 


what is the point in waiting for few hours? I dont see any sense in waiting? Does it take hours to download the course to the server or PC?

Waiting should not be required. Can you please try it in an incognito window?

Dear Ritika ,


Do Not Be Disappointed . Be Patience .


And Reloading Your Page In Same Browser Otherwise You Could Also Try To Logging In Another Browser . 


& Please  Wait A Little Bit For Few Hours ,

& You Should Wait At Least Tomorrow Morning , And Log In Your Account In Plezmo - After That  Your First Course Will Be Start .

Thank You ,

Happy Learning ,


And If You Have Any Other Query ( Problems ) , You Can Definitely Mail Me . 


I Will Be Happy To Help You . 

Thanks & Regards 

Aman Sharma

Hello Sir, 

I am not able to take the first course, I have tried many times but still the problem is going on.

Anvendram Jha 

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