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Can't get my plezmo certificate

I have not received my plezmo certificate yet ....I just want to say that in the webinar that took place from 18-20 July 2020....I was disabled to unmute myself and also chat....I don't know why but due to this problem I didn't got any chance to tell my name for the plezmo certification....I am very disappointed.

Hello Udita, it appears there was some technical issue at your end due to which we were unable to hear you. We have sent you your certificate by email. We hope you have received it. You can continue your coding journey with Plezmo - here are some exciting courses to consider: We would be happy to schedule a call with you to discuss. Thanks.

I also Can't get my badge and certificate both

I had completed the course 1. Don't got the badge yet.

Are you trying to access the 6 courses? If yes then try reloading the page you will soon be sent an email also regarding your batch.
No, the 1 course
Which course are you talking about?
Is it a free course ??....the first course from the all sixes?
You attach a file.

Dear Udita , 

Can You Help Me ?

I'm Not Able To Take Any Plezmo Course Even After I Registered & Log In My Account . 

But Its Showing Me - " Login To Enroll " First . WHY ?  


After you have logged in your account on the course and just refresh the page

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Thank You So Much Dear UDITA  .

Today's Morning , I Am Taking The My First Course Without Any Issue .


Just Wait A Little Bit For Few Hours After That Course Will Be Start . 




not able to get my course 3 badge..

what should i do..

if someone knows the answer please tell me..

i am monishaa

class 7

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please tell..

i was very excited to get my badge..

but now am dissapointed ..

a lot

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Plz try reloading your page. You will soon get an email also regarding your badge..

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