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Not able to login

When I try to login from Android app, the app stops working everytime. When I try to login with laptop, it causes some network problems in laptop and I am not able to login.

what is the speed of your internet

i also have this problem

and my speed is 200 mbps 

(not exactly of course)

 I have answered the question please go through my instruction(had the same problem fixed it)

I'm facing the same the solution on the above link but it didn't turn out helpful.
Ok which webpage of plezmo do you go ,which webpage are you not able to login could you please give the link of the website where you are not able to login or a screenshot
This is the screenshot of the mobile app of Plezmo. I'm not able to login here. Whenever I'm clicking on the login option a new screen opens up, I enter my id and password but then it stops abruptly.

ok umm have tried clearing the cache and restarting the app

Yes I've tried them all but of no use.
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