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How to make a timer.

I am making a project, where I need the timer. How can I do that?

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Hi you can sir, go to Expand control category and then go in variable here you will find a way to increment or decrement the timer  .And also please refer the projects in the community section, it will help you for making your project.

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I tried that but the timer is not working.

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the page from which I am using the timer to move off is coming back after the execution and the 2 nd slide is not getting enough time

Hi can you explain it clearly by sharing the code

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if you are someone from "the team" please call me or I could share my screen to you online via some platform

Hi can you explain what kind of project you are doing  & also you can check with alot of examples in community....If you are unable to get it correct .

You can share the screenshot of the code

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