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Not able to enroll the first topic

Hi, sir 

I made a plezmo account with my atl id of my school but when I got enrol the first course it directs me to my profile and I again I press login to enrol the same thing happens

oh, I am sorry I found the solution I have to reload the page for it to log in properly

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i am also having the same problem

can you help me in solving it out.

hey ajeeth please help me how did you done that

i am having exactly the same problem that you had


ya after login to enrol go back to the login to enrol page and refresh twice  and voila there you go it comes

it happens because it wouldn't have properly enrolled so you will have to refresh it for login in you

if any problem let me know,ill help you

Oh thankyou so much now its working I have taken 2 courses also

your welcome

if any queries feel free to ask

i am not able to log into plezmo APP

it just stays blank when i press log in pls help

big problem because without logging in i cant make an android app

Please try by closing and reopening the app as it maybe due to some network issue.

i am still not able to access the courses even after refreshing twice please help

you  will have to go to the page where the enrol button is there and refresh it after clicking the enrol button

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