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Not able to move element in Design area

I have touch screen  Dell inspire core i3 laptop with window 10 version 1909

I am not able to move element in Design are with the help of mouse or even with fingure touch. Kindly help me out asp

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Hi,   If you are using Touch screen then touch the finger on the element to drag and drop the element. Otherwise go to Personalize element and adjust the TOP and Left values as per your requirement to move the element.

 we did this also not but able to move element  even with finger .It is very tedious task to set Top and left values of each element. No other way to drag element in touch screen. kindly rectify this bug.

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I'm having the same issue.kindly help.I'm using a laptop and i'm unable to drag buttons,labels,etc......

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Good evening

I am not able to drag any components on the designing screen. I am using a lenovo desktop X230 and the version of the plezmo software program is 4.80.please help me i have not been able to do anything for the past couple of days.

thankyou and regards

the position of the components does not change even if i am changing the left and right and top values.

Hi, Also you can go through the below link  & check your pc is supported in the mentioned platforms


it only support Windows 7 SP1 onwards (Educator's version only) as mentioned in supported platforms.

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Good evening

I had one doubt does windows 10 also support plezmo?

Thank you and regards

Hi, Yes  Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703)  onwards

I am also having the same problem in the Plezmo  app. I have a Lenovo think pad laptop with Intel core i5 processor. I have also sended the report 2 times but nothing has happened please anyone help me with the problem if any of you have solution for this problem.

Hi Anish,  I think your laptop has touch screen,  Use finger to drag and drop the app  element for required positions.

Hi, I am also having the same problem on my PC, it does not has touch screen. But I am not able to move app elements even with a mouse connected or with touchpad. Please help me out.

I have also updated the Plezmo app and the Windows 10.
But still the problem is there.

Hi, you need  first select the app element.  Then try moving it using mouse or touch pad

Oh, I did that but it was not moving even after selecting. When I have restarted my PC, then it started moving.
Hope this will help others.
Thank you.

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