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Delete value on cloud data

I made an app to save information and used cloud data. there are several keys in which values are stored sequentially. If I want to delete particular value of key, how should I make code for it. I had tried delete key, but it is deleting whole key not particular value.

Did you get a chance to look at Delete cloud data? You basically have to search the key based on an index and then delete the Key Value pair in your list. 

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Thanks for your help sir...

I tried many things. First I used "delete key from the cloud store", but it deletes the whole key, and all the values. So next time the application auto stops by saying undefined value "Key name".

then I tried to delete value by calling the particular value from key, and end up on this...

"delete key>get entry position>convert to integer>get index of>get text from search textbox>in list *serial_no*>from list*Random_list*>from the cloud key value store"

I think upper command is calling the previous value, I have 5 values, 12345 in key. when I execute to delete 3, It says "2 is not a valid list" , when I execute for 4, it says "3 is not a valid list". and program stops

The index of the data started from 0. So if you want to deleted the 3rd item in the list you should delete the entry at index 2, which is the 3rd entry (0,1,2). Hope this helps

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