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about the competition

 i complete the mobile app development course. so how to  join the students and other teachers for the competition

Hello. If you have received your certification for the ATL Teachers Mobile App Development Course, you would have received an email regarding the competition. Please also check you Promotions and Spam folders. Please follow the instructions in the email. Thanks.

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Thank you. I had registered for competition but the mail I received is unable to register for students and other teachers. Even if I share the mail also its shown my details. So please enlighten me.

Hello. Thanks for filling out the form. The form you filled out is to acknowledge your intent to register your students for the competition. As mentioned, the competition is open to those teachers who are certified Mobile App Development teachers. The actual registration for students (to be done individually by them) will be announced in the upcoming week.

Thank you for the information.

Hi. i received the mail and filled the form. and seen the Youtube link that had shared. However I cant reached the Plezmo webpage for the all the 6 courses and I had been searching it in Plezmo website.  So what is the procedure for the courses to be registered for my students?

with regards


Hello. The emails and social media posts you are seeing from AIM and Plezmo are pre-launch. The official launch of the course will be made by AIM in the next few days along with course details, after which student registrations can begin. Please stay tuned. Thanks.

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