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problem with login to their plezmo ID

As my other friends and teachers want to use plezmo app for their teachings but they are not able to login in to their plezmo account. When they enter id and password the app gets closed automatically.

1 person has this problem

Which device are you using? Does the device have internet connectivity?

yes it has

and as i had said i was able to login first but after logging out again i wasnt able to login again

and i have also made 1 project

so pls tell what should i do ?

i have also tried reinstalling the app

Please let us know Plezmo app version and the email address you are using to log in.

i am unable to login and whenever i am trying to login it's showing this 


i take the atl app development course,i just finished the third course and was proceeding to fourth course it automatically signed me out and when i signed back in ,it takes me directly to the my account tab,and the process repeats.Please tell something fast as the course ends in 3 days

Please use Troubleshoot option to upload the logs. We will take a look.

i am not able to login in plezmo whenever i click on login it appears blank screen .i have made 1 project and i want to make it as android app but because of login issue i am not able to make it .i have also written this problem in troubleshoot no response till now.please reply as soon as possible

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