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Not able to get the score for my quiz app

i am not able to get score on my quiz app. Also how to program if we do not want the user to see the score and only create a list of the score with me

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Hi you can refer the projects in the community section, it will help you in coding the score

You will have to use a variable to store your score for each answer.

 I assume that by saying that you do not wish to display the score to user, you just have to modify the app and choose not to display/show it in either a label/text-box depending on what your element is. Though I am not able to understand as to why do you need to create a score list in the first place if you do not wish to display it? Can you please elaborate this line "only create a list of the score with me". 

This is just a screenshot of how i have updated marks in my quiz app. by creating a variable named marks, setting its initial value to 0. then increment it on click of every right option button.


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