Foundation Course for Internet of Things

This is a 50 hours In-depth course suitable for students who have beginner/intermediate level experience in coding. This course focuses on the fundamental concepts of IoT using computational thinking, coding, app development and wireless sensors. Learn to build smart home solutions with App control, deploy Tech-enabled security devices , design Smart parking systems, Dashboards for Smart transportation and more. On completion of this course, students will build expertise to be able to design and code their own realworld solutions with Sensors and Apps.

Gadgets in our daily lives are becoming smarter by interacting with each other. From home automation solutions to health-tech to driverless cars, Internet of Things is enabled by wireless sensors and actuators that work together through computer programs like Dashboards and Apps.

This is the foundational course required to take our advanced courses in - Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, Python programming, Microcontroller programming, UI/UX with HTML, CSS & Javascript, etc.

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